Big App on Campus

The app that does it all

Download and install the Bite for Universities App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

download on the app storeget it on google play


          Go to
Click “Register Now”
- Click “Register Now” on the right, not sign in. 
- Register your Student ID by adding the number from your card – DO NOT include the zeros.
- Create username & password and follow prompts to register. Write down your username and password - you will need them later. 
- You must use your student email
- Your username and ‘secret question' cannot include spaces or special characters. 

To Activate / Use Card:

- Download the Bite Universitates App

- Select location “Dean College”

- Select Sign Up, not Sign In

- Sign up with the same credentials you created previously.

- If the “Add Card” window does not show up select “Pay” on the bottom right corner.

              - You can register for Bite Pay if you wish, but swipe right/left to register your student card.

- Select Activate (5min. lag)

- Use credentials from registration

- You are ready to use your dining plan in BITE!

pay screen: campus card not active - click activate; welcome screen: click add campus card; sign in screen: enter username and password and click sign in